Nesting Phoenix T’ai Ji & Qi Gong

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Name: Martin

Phone: 07702647933


The class aim is to provide Tai Ji and Qi Gong practices to improve health and encourage relaxation, to maintain and develop th is for the benefit of those practitioners who attend the class.

I hope to achieve these goals by using my 17 years’ experience in practising T’ai Ji and Qi Gong having worked with sifu Bob Lowey of the 7 Stars School of T’ai Ji Quan, the late Ronnie Robinson and more recently with Derick Daly and master Simon Watson of the Longfei T’ai Ji Association.

Our main focus when practising Qi Gong is the use of the Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong exercises, created by Professor Zhang Guangde of Beijing University of Physica l Education.

The class name Nesting Phoenix (Feng Huang Xuan Wo) has been adopted from a posture used by Professor Guangde, when practising the Shujin Zhanggu Gong and the Song of the Dao Yin exercises.

The benefits of T’ai Ji and Qi Gong have long been recognised in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a means to improving one’s health, so much so that the NHS have written several articles to that end.